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In addition to a traditional hourly billing model, the following alternative fee arrangements are just some of the options available. Each is designed to pass efficiencies to our clients and debunk the common adage that lawyers are the only ones who win in court.

Contingent Fee

(% of gross revenue)

We don’t win unless you do. Under this arrangement, IP Advanced® receives a fixed percentage of gross recoveries such as licensing fees and other settlements instead of getting paid an hourly fee.

Contingent Fee
(% of net revenue)

A successful licensing and litigation campaign is about money in your pocket after expenses, not just gross recovery amounts. Aside from lawyer fees, litigation expenses may include expert and consultant witness fees, deposition costs, filing and other court fees, and various travel expenses. IP Advanced takes such expenses seriously, and under this arrangement puts its attorney fees on the line by deducting these and other expenses before our percentage of any judgment or settlement is calculated. We have the experience and relationships to keep costs down so that everyone – not just lawyers – comes out ahead.

Flat Fee

This is a typical favorite among our patent prosecution clients.

IP Advanced welcomes the certainty of flat fees to guarantee value for legal services that are well defined and predictable.

Results-Based Incentive Fee

We don’t just assert patents, so contact us if you believe you’ve been wrongly accused of patent infringement. As a patent infringement defendant, we will discuss your case and likely damages exposure. You will be able to make an informed decision about what a “win” should be, and our fee arrangement can be based upon that determination:


With the results-based incentive fee arrangement illustrated above, IP Advanced would initially charge 50% of its standard hourly billing rate to defend you against allegations of patent infringement.  If we resolve the case at or below your desired judgment or settlement amount, we earn the rest of our standard fee.  Otherwise, our total fee will be less than our standard rate and may eventually bottom out at 50% flat.  Like our other billing arrangements, IP Advanced is focused on getting you successful results – not just inflated bills.

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