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We specialize in offensive and defensive patent litigation, patent prosecution, and general intellectual property counseling. Because of our minimal overhead as compared to traditional law firms, we offer hourly rates on par with junior associates at large firms, and creative fee arrangements to meet our clients'​ diverse needs. In particular, we offer qualified patent owners representation on contingency for licensing and litigation campaigns, further reducing out-of-pocket costs and overall financial risk.

Patent Litigation

IP Advanced® has years of large firm experience litigating before many federal courts throughout the country and has the requisite engineering and hands-on industry experience to understand and exploit critical technical issues before judges and juries alike. If you are a patent inventor/owner, we will work with you to develop a licensing and litigation campaign that is informed by your business objectives and implement that campaign in a cost-effective and methodical way to maximize your odds of success. And if you’ve been wrongfully accused of patent infringement, we can help you push back on frivolous lawsuits through alternative billing arrangements that give you greater risk tolerance and the financial freedom to aggressively defend your rights instead of throwing good money at bad actor plaintiffs.

Patent Drafting & Prosecution

A patent can either protect your company’s assets or amount to little more than expensive wall décor. Therefore, patent prosecution should be undertaken with sound goals in mind. We work with inventors to draft, file, and prosecute utility patent applications and design patent applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Because we have years of experience defending clients against infringement allegations by exploiting weaknesses in asserted patents, IP Advanced understands what makes a patent valuable and all the pitfalls to avoid during drafting and prosecution.  And resources are never a problem because IP Advanced has the professional relationships to collaborate with select patent prosecution attorneys at other law firms depending on the scope of your patent prosecution needs. 

Intellectual Property Strategy & Consulting

We craft IP strategies that fit your business needs. Whether you are interested in building a patent portfolio to protect your operating company’s assets, or asserting your patent portfolio against infringers, IP Advanced will guide you every step of the way to make sure your IP assets are secured and maximized.


IP Advanced counsels its clients on infringement detection, provides options for enforcement, and prepares opinions concerning the patentability of your invention or the validity of your issued patents. We also evaluate licensing and sale opportunities for our clients and assist with the drafting and negotiation of IP licenses.

When a client is planning to introduce a new product to market, IP Advanced can provide freedom-to-operate (FTO) opinions, which identify and analyze the patents of others that may subject your company to infringement liability. By performing an FTO analysis before developing and launching a new product, you can limit the risk of future litigation and avoid unnecessary expense. An FTO analysis done early in a product development cycle also affords companies the opportunity to modify the design to avoid infringement.

If you have issued or pending patent portfolios intended to protect your company’s products, IP Advanced can provide a market exclusivity opinion to assess how effective your patents should be in preventing competitors from entering your target market.  We evaluate the scope of your patent claims and relevant competitor companies to determine whether their current or proposed products infringe, and if so, how easy it will be for those competitors to design around your patents.  Such an opinion will help guide your patent prosecution efforts and inform resource allocation for existing and future product lines. 

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